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Bcom, CPA Part 2,Advance Excel,English 4 skills


Internet/Email Logo English - Myanmar Translation

I am from Myitkyina city.


Adobe Premium Myanmar

video editing ကိုကောင်းကောင်းလုပ်နိုင်ပါတယ်. wedding, movie, mtv, series တွေကိုကောင်းကောင်းလိုပ်နိုင်ပါတယ်.


2D Animation Illustrator Photoshop Sketch

Hello. I'm Zun, currently working as a 2D animator and illustrator at Pencell animation studio in Yangon since Oct 2019. I graduated from Yangon University of Foreign Languages majoring in French. In 2018, I worked at Joosk studio as a part- time illustrator and animator for 1 year. I have worked on several various freelance projects for storyboards, poster designs, character designs and...


English Grammer English Spelling

I am a Telecommunication Engineer. My responsibility is telecom sites installation and maintenance. I have so many experience in Telecommunication field.


AutoCAD Photoshop

Hello Sir, My name is Thazin Phway Phway. I am graduated with B.E(Mechanical). I have experienced as a Design Engineer about 2 years. I can draw 2D Designs by using AutoCAD software and 3D Designs by using Sketchup software. If you are interested in me, contact thazinphwayphway29121995@gmail.com (or) 09428004922.


English Hindi Myanmar Thai Typing Video Editing Translation English - Myanmar Translation

The translator.I can speak thai,english,india,nepali,myanmar ကျွန်ုပ်သည်ထိုင်း၊ အိန္ဒိယ၊ နီပါလီ၊ မြန်မာဘာသာစကားကိုပြောဆိုနိုင်သည်


Burmese English Japanese Translation English Translator Movie Review writing Content Writer

I am a university student. I can do contact writing and translate also I'm a reviewer such as like movies review, books reviews. Also I can write a novel or script. As a student I don't not have many experience but I can do my part the best. If you want to know or something to ask contact me. One of your offers is a bridge to the future for me. Thank you!!!


Adobe Premium After Effects Basic Computing Bootstrap Burmese Computer Hardware Installation CSS Customer Support Database Design Email Handling +18

I am a multi-talented person with strong motivational mindset. I am enthusiastic, energetic, flexible, reliable and able to handle pressure. Excellent team work and strong communication skill & zealous. Willing to help myself by helping other.


Movie Subtitle Translation Myan to Eng Translator English To Myanmar Translation Content Writing (Myan, Eng)

Hello, I'm a content writer and translator. I can write contents about sport, movie and Burmese novels and can also make reviews. I have intermediate level experience but I'm trying to improve myself. So, you can believe me and I promise I'll do the best if you hire me for your projects.


Burmese English English (UK) English (US) English Grammer English Spelling Microsoft Office Myanmar Transcription Typing +7

I am graduated from Yadanarbon University with English literatures


CSS English (UK) English (US) HTML HTML5 JavaScript Myanmar Responsive Design CSS3 Myan to Eng Translator +2

I want to be a freelancer.I have a lot of knowledge about coding and programming. And I can also translate English language to Myanmar or, Myanmar to English.


English To Myanmar Translation

I'm a first year English CDM student. Also learning architecture outside of school. Seeking jobs for extra money. I'm quite proficient in English. My english proficiency is between B2 and C1 level. I'm also interested in content writing. I can use Microsoft well. But I dun have any experience


Burmese Chinese (Simplified) English Microsoft Office Transcription Typing Medical

Freelancing for client's satisfaction.


Google Search Photoshop Transcription Movie Subtitle Translation Microsoft Words English - Myanmar Translation

I am a student at University of Yangon. I am a new freelancer to work in a work environment. I can do satisfied Movie translation, transcribing in detail. I have also ability to photo editing with Adobe Photoshop. Plus I am at an intermediate level in Microsoft tools. I am professional in Research, data entry and data mining.