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Project Description

I will provide you an Url of the product and all I want is you rewrite

New Title & New Description of the product.

Instruction to rewrite

Title :

- Read Description of the product and pick what will be "benefit for customer" Eg. Boost Immune & Eliminate Waste Detox
- or "what will help them to what" Eg. 95% Concentration HCA Colon Detox
- Not use the same word from old title 1-2 is Words OK
- Length 7-8 Words 40- 50 Character

- You can use some keyword title to made description
- The description made by aggregate benefit and rewrite them to one
- Length 35-50 Words 240-260 Character

Hire Rates 0.1$ per Set
1 Set Contain with Title and Description
300 Set/Weeks

The test needs before for start to work.

Example of Work.

Title : Boost Immune & Eliminate Waste Detox


Feel like a new person with 15 Day NATURAL DETOX COLON CLEANSE that help boost your immune and digestive systems. Cleanse your intestinal tract of toxins and excess waste without discomfort and makes you feel great throughout the day.


Title: 95% Concentration HCA Colon Detox

Description :

It works well with forskolin. With pure Garcinia cambogia extract, it helps in colon detox by blocking fat and carbohydrate absorption. It also helps in reducing hunger, improve absorption of potassium and calcium, boost metabolism & stimulate serotonin secretion in your brain.

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