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Project Description

We have educational website in Myanmar:

We are looking for professional content writer who can write educational articles and news to upload the contents to this website.

Requirements and Responsibilities:

- Writing Myanmar country educational articles/news
- Must have propose what to write about educational Articles and news
- Must have knowledge in education
- Must have own thinking of articles
- Not allow to copy articles from other sites
- Create or search appropriate images and photos for your content (Such as
- You must add images source link
- Good command of writing, including correct grammar and spelling (Myanmar Font)
- 4000 Minimum characters per-content

Anyone who has experience in content writing and blog writing are welcome.
Anyone who can write the article during due date and writing well for the educational article.
Anyone who can writing during the designate day are welcome.
We will have numerous projects and best payment offer to those who work well.
*****Please check your email after Bid.*****

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