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Web, Mobile & Software Development
120,000 ~ 150,000 MMK
Posted 4 years ago

Project Description

We are looking for someone who is experienced in front-end development to mentor a small group of our employees. You will be teaching and guiding the front-end aspects of web development in WordPress environment.

Job Location: Our office is located in downtown near Sule

Project Duration: 2 weeks - 4 weeks (Negotiable depending on your schedule)

Job Description

- Area of focus is HTML, CSS, and their application on WordPress
- Must visit our office in person and give lecture
(schedule and length of each teaching session are negotiable)
- Prefer the teaching sessions to be within office hours (8:00 - 17:00, Mon - Fri)


- Must be able to prepare appropriate lecture course depending on the existing skill level of learners
- Must have hands-on experience in developing website on Wordpress
- Having prior teaching experience is a big plus

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One-time Fixed Project

2 Weeks


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19/06/2019 12:05 PM


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