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1,000 ~ 10,000 MMK
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Project Description

We need Myanmar-English Translator who can translate for Myanmar Tech Press internet web site.

Project Outlines

• Must use a professional and journalistic style for grammar usage
• Must use soft version of Grammar Check after translating
• Must have eloquent writing and using circuitous words are not allowed.
• Must use easy to read words and make the sentences appeal to the readers.
• Not allow using Translator applications or software.
• Prefer structured, coherent, and imposing compositions than direct translations.
• Can ask the original author for any misapprehending words or sentences.
• The translation must be compendious.
• We will not pay by the per-article.
• We will have many projects and the best payment offer to those who work well.

Noted !! *** Please send the first three sentences translation of any of the above links as a sample to us.
(We will check it first, then we will decide to hire you).

*****Please check your email after Bid.*****

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08/07/2019 11:44 AM

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