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Logo Designer For Su See Yar

We would like to order a Logo Design for our company web-page and Facebook page, "Su See Yar".

Su See Yar is a crowdfunding website via a platform for helping tech and creative entrepreneurs fund their projects before getting a loan or raising money for venture capital.

Requirements and Responsibilities
- 170x170 pixels on Profile Photo. (For Facebook)
- 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall on Cover Photo. (For Facebook)
- Favicon (icon file format) and logo design (jpeg file format).
- You need to provide 3 samples.
- You need to give source files (e.g, PDF files)
- The desired color is not specified.

The designer must have own creation with a great idea of innovation.
We will have numerous projects and a good payment offer to those who work well.

Note ** Please refrain from copying & diverting designs or trademarks registered elsewhere.

Please submit us 3 different logo designs of your previous works by writing the URL Link.
We will keep it confidential.

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5 Days


17/09/2019 11:26 AM

03/10/2019 03:02 PM

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