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Project Description

We are looking for a good PHP developer that has experience working on Wordpress (addons).

The current development is ongoing (commercial web page with ordering module) and we expect to get a basis functioning system from an European development firm at the end of Feb 2020.

To this system we would like to do extensions using a existing API to a Back office database system. The product is a web site with an existing order flow. The extension shall implement more order flows, order status view and reports based on the said API.

We estimate the task to be 4-6 man-months: 10. Marts – July/August 2020.

If the co-operation works fine the total scope can be up-to 12 man-months. (till Feb. 2021).
The customer is a SME Danish company.

The software development director is living in Yangon. He will be your contact person and may guide and help the you to get started with the job.

A programmer with 2+ years’ experience
Basis English is required in order to understand task and documentation.
Further information: mockup of the entire product can be shared after/in physical meeting (Hlaing, Yangon) or in a Skype meeting with the potential Programmer

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