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80,000 ~ 200,000 MMK
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Project Description

Your job consists of 2 parts, one of which can be done online and others for which you will need to make visits to some places within Yangon City.

Online Activity
You will be provided with a list of directories with listings of our potential customers. The directories are listed online with varied websites. You will need to connect with each potential customer and update the details in our CRM. You will be provided with the CRM login and password. Once the details are entered it will be verified and approved at our end.

Lead approval criteria for online activity.
- Customer with emails containing company domains and official website should have the same details in CRM as on their official website
- Customer without email address not on company domain will need to respond to auto-triggered emails from CRM. Response from customer to the official email provided is mandatory to approve these customers.

Offline Activity
You are required to visit Minglar Market in Yangon and collect data of all wholesalers/distributors of pharmaceuticals products. It is important for you to take photo of their business card and attach it to the record in CRM. The data on business card should match that in the CRM for the lead to be approved.

Each approved lead will be paid as below
- Online Activity Lead - MMK 700 / Lead
- Offline Activity Lead - MMK 1400 / Lead

Payment will be done only for a minimum of USD 50 and completion of the project. Candidates with access to good internet, smartphone and ability to travel to Minglar market often should apply for this job

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