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Project Description

Logo Design
Logo is very simple and it is just a Myanmar word.
Logo must be done in illustrator and delivered in png and jpg.

Landing Page Design
Landing page design will be similar to design shown in http://www.astrokeofluck.net/
There will be a few text on white book.
Design idea and all the text will be given for Landing page design.

Freelancer must design creatively based on given input.

Draft design idea in sketch should be submitted and get approval before the final design.
Advisable to give at least 2 draft proposals. If the proposals are not up to the expectation, the job will be cancelled.
For the final design, freelancer must be willing to revise as per comment. But it will not be total design change. Minor comment like revise text, change colour ,font ...

Please take note of the following requests:

Freelancer must have similar sample work in the portfolio. Please submit the bid price with sample works.
Please ask clearly if any doubt.

Thanks everyone and hope to work with talented people.

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One-time Fixed Project

7 Days


04/10/2020 09:54 AM

05/10/2020 07:34 AM


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