Chemical Sales and Marketing Manager | Experience in sales of Agro and Pharma Intermediates

Sales & Marketing
Posted 1 month ago

Project Description

Applicant must have experience working in the field of Intermediates for Agro and Pharma as well as other related.

Able to open accounts with your past clients will be an added advantage.

You will also be responsible to market our range of intermediates worldwide and close sales with full support from us.

If you have the ability to performs under these conditions, we invite you to discuss more with us.

Basic Salary can be work out along with a good commission but only if you can close a sale within 3 months after joining us. If you fail to close any sale then you will not be paid.

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One-time Fixed Project

12 Months

05/12/2020 10:43 PM

07/12/2020 08:02 AM

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